What is my purpose?

What is my purpose? Why was I put on this earth?

As people awaken to life, they begin to ponder questions such as these.

Life seems empty, pointless and unfulfilling without purpose. A person may not be able to articulate this or come to this conclusion in the beginning; however, they probably do experience frustration about how their life is going and the results they are producing.

Life is a journey.

Life is a journey and it continues day by day.  The only difference is that as a person newly awakened to life the quest now is to find their true calling.  Sometimes a person will get frustrated with not finding their purpose quickly or easily. What there is to do is realize, as an observer sitting on your shoulder, that it is all part of the journey and the process or road to discovery is just as important as finding your purpose.

Even once you have found your purpose, the journey continues. We as humans must become comfortable with the process of growth and expansion. Life is more about who we are being in the process not necessarily who we become.

Doing work on your purpose is the foundation for everything you.  Your purpose is your unique gift to the world.  Each one of us is put on this planet for a reason.

In the film “Fight Club”, Ed Norton’s character comes to realize that he is not a unique beautiful snowflake.  Although remembering that we are all one and that we are not so different from our other brothers and sisters is an interesting point; it is also important to remember that we are unique.  Each one of us has our own set of experiences, things that have happened to us, things that excite us, things that move us and these are what have us be unique.  We want to get in touch with OUR UNIQUE GIFT.

The best way that I have found to get in touch with your purpose is to do a lot of deep spiritual work and awakening to your essence.  When you are sitting

Download your message from the Universe.

through a movie and you start to cry or get moved by something, take note of it. If you find something hilarious, make note of it as well.When you are talking to someone and they say something moving, make a note of what it was and then take it to the next level and ask yourself what about that had me be moved. Where can I connect this to something in my life?

For me, I am moved anytime I see something having to do with people and their freedom. I can listen to a Rage Against the Machine song and get really present to people’s rights and freedom and standing for what you believe in.  This belief is one of my unique gifts. The person sitting next to me may or may not necessarily care about freedom or standing for what you believe in or even get the same emotional response from listening to a Rage Against the Machine song, but for me it matters. And I get to bring my life’s experiences and express freedom in a way that can only be delivered by me.

It’s about finding the things that are really important to you, because those are the things that have you be unique in the world. Pursing the things that touch, move and inspire you and cleverly incorporating them into your work, your interactions with friends, and your projects brings everything into alignment. When you achieve this congruence in your life you will experience fulfillment. You will feel so blessed.

You can take the things that touch, move and inspire you and hone them into your message to the world.  What is your message from God? I use the word God, but it could be replaced with your belief in Source, Higher Power, Universe, Buddha, etc. I believe that we are all God.  Each one of us has God in us and so we are an expression of God. When we can start to tap into that resource and be able to express our message and spread our unique gifts to the world, then we are in congruence with our mind, body and spirit. Everything will work the way we want it to and we will be living the life of our dreams.

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