Having a Voice in the Face of Secrecy, Silence and Shame

Having a Voice in the Face of Secrecy, Silence and Shame
Having a Voice in the Face of Secrecy, Silence and Shame

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When one of my friends brought up the topic of shame, I immediately thought to myself that doesn’t apply to me. I couldn’t immediately pull up an association in my life. Then she proceeded to share a quote from Brene Brown’s book, Daring Greatly,  “We all have it. Shame is universal and one of the most primitive human emotions that we experience.  The only people who don’t experience shame lack the capacity for empathy and human connection. Here’s your choice: Fess up to experiencing shame or admit that you’re a sociopath.”


Well there you go. Let me take another look at this.


Maybe you’ve experienced something like this before…. You decide you want to buy something…say a car, finally pick the one you want, and then all of the sudden you see them everywhere you go.  Now that shame was in my consciousness, I started to see evidence of it everywhere. It was quite humbling.  I saw that the reason it wasn’t previously in my consciousness was because honestly I was scared to talk about it. I had huge fear around admitting shame. Then after some serious journaling and inquiry, I started to wrap my head around it a bit and powerfully choose how to have a voice in the face of secrecy, silence and shame.


This topic was the perfect conversation for us to have on our Blab show #EnlightenMe.  Laura Tucker and Julie Min had some beautiful insights to share as well and we reflected in our common experience of where secrecy, silence and shame played a huge part in the 2009 Sedona Sweatlodge and the media that surrounded the incident.


Another beautiful quote from Brene Brown, “Shame happens between people, and it heals between people.” This is my hope … engaging in this conversation about shame, bringing it out in a public way, we can all start to heal and experience the freedom while developing courage, compassion and deeper connection as a result of the experience.

Watch Replay of Blab Session from April 11 below: Having a Voice in the Face of Secrecy, Silence and Shame with Laura Tucker, Julie Min and I.

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Be sure to leave your comments, questions and thoughts below. I would love to hear from  you and where you are on your journey.  Where in your life have you noticed feelings of shame or silence and secrecy?


Abundance and Joy,





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