Do you know the Dirty Dozen lurking in your Beauty Products?

Most of us have a routine or a ritual for getting ready each morning.  We wash our hair and maybe add some conditioner. We use soaps or a body wash.  We might even exfoliate our skin.  Then once we are out of the shower, we proceed to brush our teeth, put on deodorant and lotion. If you are a girl, you continue with adding moisturizers, layers of makeup, perfume and you may even paint your nails.  We usually don’t give any thought as to what is actually in these products.

We just assume that if it is purchased in your local supermarket then it must be fine.  After all, you probably saw a commercial advertising how awesome the product was and making promises of having you will look more radiant, younger or so beautiful that you will catch the man of your dreams.

Unfortunately, we as the consumer are misled to believe that the products are safe.  There is a list of chemicals that are found in Beauty and Personal care products and it is referred to as the  “Dirty Dozen”.   Hidden within them are known cancer causing ingredients.  Join us as Brandy Amstel and special guest expert, Shirley Pinkson break down the known carcinogens that are found in your beauty products.

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