Breakfast With Brandy
Want to achieve MAXIMUM RESULTS? 

- Increase your energy levels                    
- Gain clarity                                                    
- Be more effective                                       

30-day online program to get you super-charged and help you be your best by changing the way you eat breakfast.

Changing the way I eat breakfast has made the biggest difference in my effectiveness in business and personal life.

Brandy Amstel 

Take action TODAY. Put a structure in place that has you WIN!

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What People Are Saying:

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    LaToya Collins-Jones

    CEO and Founder of Pretty Geeky Inc.

    "I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the first week of "Breakfast with Brandy".  I have dropped almost 6 pounds this week!!  My favorite has been CAL's Special. My kid who eats NOTHING...loves it!"

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    Kim Traylor


    "I was pretty health conscious already, but I knew that if I followed Brandy’s program for 30 days then I would get into a habit of a healthier diet.  Having access to someone I can relate to helps me to learn how to take care of my body better. Now my juicer and blender are no longer decorations and just sitting on the counter."

  • Steve Barcik

    CEO of High Tech Design Safety, Inc.

    "Adding a morning juice or smoothie has proven to give me the brain power and clarity to perform at a higher level.” 

So What’s Breakfast with Brandy About?

Watch The Video Below To Find Out.

Breakfast with Brandy

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?
I’m going to share with you my favorite recipes for a game changing breakfast.


Join me for Breakfast with Brandy. Each morning for 30 days you will receive an email with a link to a quick video with a new juice or smoothie recipe. Sometimes we just need a little help putting a structure in place. With Breakfast with Brandy you will learn how to easily incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily routine and feel the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

About Brandy

I’m a creative serial entrepreneur, award-winning filmmaker and artist, Founder of Living and creator of the Breakfast with Brandy Program. 
I have spent my lifetime on the journey to becoming the best version of myself. I’ve had to expose myself to some new ways of thinking, new technology and educate myself on the leading research.  Along the way, I have had the pleasure of working with some phenomenal industry experts and world-thought leaders that have allowed me to up my game.  My team and I have spent hours upon hours pulling this information together and combining it into an easy, quick and affordable online program that has simplified and streamlined the steps to gaining more mental clarity, energy and effectiveness, while trimming your body to YOUR optimum. 
I often get asked the question: what is one thing that has made the biggest difference for you and your business? And my response is the way I eat breakfast. Incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my daily routine has made a huge difference in the clarity that I have throughout the day, how effective I am in my business, and the amount of energy that I have at the end of the day to spend time with my friends and family. Oh yeah and I have shed some pounds. 
By taking care of ourselves first, we have more to give to our friends, families, and businesses, collectively creating a more compassionate, abundant society that can innovatively solve some of the challenges that our planet is currently encountering and becoming responsible stewards. 
I want to help you to take your life to the next level, smarter, quicker, faster. 

Take action TODAY for a better tomorrow, one step at a time! 

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