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Living powerfully is about restoring your mind and spirit. It’s about connecting with source through rituals and practices that gain you access to your purpose in life, that affirm your life matters and that you make a difference. It’s about being present to and tapping into your gifts and skills to serve your higher purpose.  We are spiritual being having a human experience. We were put on this planet to grow and expand as human beings. The only way that we do that is to try things and learn the lessons we are given to apply to future experiences.  It’s about understanding that we are divine beings that are perfectly experiencing life as flawed human beings. Finding peace, beauty and love in it all and cherishing the opportunity to live life during this time, is living life to the fullest. 

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Living powerfully is about nourishing and healing your body.  When our body is functioning at a high level, then it allows for us to be more effective.  We do that by  raising our consciousness about our air, water, food, our body and the environment we live in.  Often we just need to breathe more air, or breathe more deeply allowing more oxygen to enter the brain, clearing our thought processes.   Have you ever notice that you can calm the mind and the body with a few deep breaths?  The typical person’s day consists of  sitting in their offices, rushing to their car after work, and zipping into their house for the evening  dramatically limiting the amount of fresh air consumed.  Taking time to walk in nature and get some fresh air, can make a huge difference in our quality of life.

Changing your air filters or adding an air filtration system to your home can make an impact in the quality of the air you’re breathing. 


We are made up of 75% water. The amount and quality of water that we put into our body makes a huge difference in the way that we are feeling.  Dehydration, acidity, and weight gain can all be attributed to the quality and quantity of water that you’re drinking.  They are low grade wellness issues that cause people to be sick, have disease and age prematurely.

How we nourish our body plays a huge role in how we feel and perform.  Doctors are beginning to realize that many things happening in the body are attributed to inflammation in the gut and fluctuations in the insulin levels.  Most of us, if we eat a typical American diet, are suffering from low level food intolerances that keep our  gut inflamed  and we have what is called leaky gut syndrome.  Because of the way our food system is set up, many people’s diets consist of sugars that they didn’t even know they were consuming.  We can begin to take back our health by raising our awareness about what we are putting into our body and taking steps to heal the damage we’ve created thus far.  The body is constantly creating new cells and it is possible for anyone to turn their health around and create  the body that they have always dreamed of. 


Our body is our temple.  It is the vessel that we have been given to live this life.  It is up to us to decide what we wanted to do with it.  We can choose to have it support us in achieving our desires or to be an obstacle to overcome.  A fit, flexible body that moves easily and effortlessly is definitely a better way to go. There are many things to consider with small muscle groups, large muscle groups, endurance, agility, movement and coordination.  Then there are the things about appearance including skin, hair, teeth, nails, and stature.  Being conscious of the way that we sound, smell, feel, taste and look. All these things together combined to give us an instrument for experiencing life.


Our physical health and well-being is impacted by our environment.  Having a clean, tidy, clutter free home, office, and car can nurture our well-being.  Understanding when technology can be utilized to enhance our results and when it is being used in a way that doesn’t support us.  It is also important to become aware of how many chemicals and toxins that we are encountering on a daily basis and limiting our exposure.

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Empower your lifestyle with loving relationships with yourself, others, and the world. We all have big dreams, goals, and aspirations in life. There are things that we want to have or we want to do. First we have to address who we are being. We have to take care of ourselves first so that we have more to give others. We have to look inward to who it is that we are being for ourselves. We have to create our relationships to money, relationships to our health, relationships to our environment, relationships to power.


Once we have created a strong relationship to our word such that our speaking creates the world we are living in and we have control of our thoughts and negative self talk, we can then build strong, healthy relationships with others in our life that are nurturing and supportive.


The next progression is to begin to expand love and relationships to our community, our city, our country, our fellow man, the animals and creatures that we share the planet with, and the environment. We realize that we are all connected. Through love and relationships, we can understand compassion and appreciate our own humanity enriching the world for everyone.

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Wealth is the ability to experience life.  Experiencing life as a person that knows their life matters, a person that is leaving a legacy for generations to come, a person of integrity that is able to create their world through speaking it into existence, a person that volunteers their time to make a difference in someone’s life, a person that is pursuing their passion and expanding the world as a result of their gifts and talents. Experiencing life as a person that lifts as they climb, as a person with an abundance mentality, a person with great health and the ability to boldly express themselves, a person deeply related and connected with themselves, others in their life and the world. A person with the resources to experience all of life. Wealth is contribution.


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