Enlighten Me in 2016

What is the path to enlightenment?  That seems like a really deep question. This wasn’t a word or consideration when I first started my journey.  It was about seeking something more in life, taking life to the next level. As our society continues to grow and expand, to raise the collective consciousness, I’ve noticed words tend to take on slightly different meanings and usages based on each individual’s lens or filter in life. Since there are more people awakening, there are more interpretations floating around. For me,

universe, source, God, innate being, or whatever you use to refer to your higher power, that make up our  life’s curriculum.

As many of you know, my journey led me on the path to the movie, The Secret and one of the spiritual teachers, James Ray. It was participating in his pinnacle program, Spiritual Warrior, in the desert of Sedona that I learned one of the biggest lessons of my life thus far. The promise of the program was to get rid of the “black bags” in our subconscious that were holding us back from achieving our full potential and to emerge as a new person.  It didn’t unfold as any of us expected and that evening after the final exercise of the program, a sweatlodge, 2 of our friends were pronounced dead on scene, another 1 would die later and 20 of us were sent to the hospital with severe issues including brain, liver and kidney damage as well as severe burns.

Overcoming the trauma of such an experience had it’s challenges, but there were so many other adversities to overcome and lessons to navigate including the reactions of friends/family members as the infamous Sedona Sweatlodge makes national news on CNN, Dateline, 20/20, the reactions and division of the spiritual community, the televised trial and conviction of James Ray, his release from prison and another round of the media, and then CNN contacted us for a documentary.

Just over six years  later and the journey continues. The person that I was at each of these stages has continued to grow and expand with different thoughts, feelings and reactions. I feel like I have a responsibility, not in an obligatory way, rather in an inspired, compelling way to share my lessons learned through these experiences so that you may learn from them and catapult your life to the next level without having to experience them first hand.

I’ve joined together with two dear friends, Laura Tucker and Julie Min, who have their own experiences on this shared path. They are also willing to bravely share their lessons along the journey as well. We are using a live streaming platform called Blab to have an intimate intentional conversation about the path to enlightenment.

Below is the replay of our first Session from January 4th and then I’d like to request that you join us live for our next session to be held on January 18th at 12pm CT. You will be able to ask questions and engage with each of us.  Our hopes are that through this platform, we can continue to heal ourselves, while providing a space for others to heal, whether you were a part of the incident, heard about the incident, or are just hearing about it for the first time. Together we can build conscious community and create a more powerful context for enlightenment.

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Blab Laura_Julie_Brandy10







Watch Replay of First Blab Session from January 4th below.

Be sure to leave your comments, questions and thoughts below. I would love to hear from you and where you are on your journey. What resonates with you about enlightenment or spiritual journey?

Abundance and Joy,


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