Autopilot vs. Consciously Creating

Most people go through life on autopilot. But what does that mean?  In context of this blog post, it’s where we sometimes are unconscious to what is going on around us. We go through the motions of life and don’t question if there is more to it. Often things occurs as they are happening TO us and that we don’t have any control.  I know I have experienced this in the past. And I still do at times notice that I flip on the autopilot switch.

My journey with personal development started at an early age. Luckily I was able to see this concept of letting life go by and things happening around/to me versus creating what I wanted from a blank slate for quite some time now. It seems so simple, yet so hard at times.  Through the years I’ve been able to see the many layers to this conversation and the more I dig in, the more I uncover.

Initially it started with understanding my relationship with my family and friends. I was able to see how I could put the past behind me, how it was all made up anyway and that I had the power to create from a clean slate. This opened up so much freedom and possibility in my life.

I took it even further and realized that since anything is possible, I could not only create my personal relationships but I could also create my profession. Just because I had gone to college, had a particular degree, and people expected me to take a particular traditional professional route, didn’t mean that I had to.  I have choice and get to say how it goes.  Again such an experience of freedom.

Then I started to notice where I was giving my power away inadvertently, in places like to grocery store, visiting my doctor’s office, and with professional services. I had this belief that food in the grocery stores was safe otherwise it wouldn’t be there, right? The government or some has to be regulating them. There is NO way that they would be selling things that could be harmful to my health. I had a belief that my doctor knows what is best for me, after all he is the professional that went to school for this and they have to report to a board, right? I thought that there is NO way that he would prescribe me something with worse long-term side effects than the ailment that I showed up with. I had a belief that professionals out providing services were the best at what they do or else they wouldn’t still be in business. There is NO way that they would make recommendations that were more about increasing their profits than about helping me resolve my issue. I started to see how I was coasting through life thinking that someone magically was holding others to a high standard like I hold myself and that wasn’t the case. It was time for me to wake up, do my own research, and ask better questions.

There are even times when I place judgement on myself, like how could I possibly be so blind, trusting and naive.  I SHOULD know better. Honestly that way of thinking doesn’t get me anywhere in life except pulled into a spiral of upset, destruction and more of what I don’t want in life. All there ever is for me to do is raise my awareness and course correct, shifting to what I want to create in my life.

Years later, I’ve come to realize that this conversation is part of my life’s curriculum and I get to experience many layers of being conscious or unconscious. The gold is realizing that I’m the one creating it all and that I always have a choice about what I want to create in my  life.

One of the triggers that helps me to catch when I’m on autopilot is when I hear myself saying things like ‘I already know this’ or ‘I’ve heard that before’. These are just little cues for me to be on the look out for.  What are some of the ways that you notice being on autopilot?

I’ve joined together with two dear friends, Laura Tucker and Julie Min, who have their own experiences on this shared path. They are also willing to bravely share their lessons along the journey as well. We are using a live streaming platform called Blab to have an intimate intentional conversation about the path to enlightenment.

Below is the replay of our first Session from January 4th and then I’d like to request that you join us live for our next session to be held on January 18th at 12pm CT. You will be able to ask questions and engage with each of us. Our hopes are that through this platform, we can continue to heal ourselves, while providing a space for others to heal, whether you were a part of the Sedona Sweatlodge, heard about it, or are just hearing about it for the first time. Together we can build a conscious community and create a more powerful context for enlightenment.


Blab Laura_Julie_Brandy10







Watch Replay of Blab Session from January 18th below: Autopilot vs. Consciously Creating

Be sure to leave your comments, questions and thoughts below. I would love to hear from you and where you are on your journey. What resonates with you about enlightenment or spiritual journey?

Abundance and Joy,



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