CNN Films Documentary Release of “Enlighten Us”

(Scroll down to read blog) After almost two years of waiting and anticipating, it is finally here. Saturday evening, December 3, 2016,

Our Reaction to Tribeca Film Festival Premiere of Enlighten Us

(Scroll down to middle to see the Live Streaming Video & Replay) It has almost been two weeks since the world premiere

Having a Voice in the Face of Secrecy, Silence and Shame

(Scroll down to middle to see the Video Replay) When one of my friends brought up the topic of shame, I immediately

Embracing The Lessons In Life

(Scroll down to middle to see the short video) Have you ever experienced a big life event that left you wounded and

Autopilot vs. Consciously Creating

Most people go through life on autopilot. But what does that mean?  In context of this blog post, it's where we sometimes

Enlighten Me in 2016

What is the path to enlightenment?  That seems like a really deep question. This wasn't a word or consideration when I first

Personal care – Fluff or For Real

Join us for an intentional conversation about how personal care with guest expert Megan Carnahan.  Is it fluff or for real?  Starts

Take Your Business and Your Life To The Next Level With Journaling

Join us for an intentional conversation about how to take your business and life to the next level using journaling with special

Food Allergy, Food Intolerance…Ugh… What do I eat?

Join us for an intentional conversation about Food Allergies and Food Intolerance with special guests, Connie Curtis, gluten and food allergy specialist

How To Overcome Making Things Harder Than They Need To Be

Do you ever find yourself making things way harder than they need to be because you're trying to get it perfect...You put

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