Upcoming Film Projects

Click to watch video of Brandy Amstel talking about the Living Powerfully movies.
Click to watch video of Brandy Amstel talking about the Living Powerfully movies.

The films that we create as part of our social movement are films of triumph, inspiration and hope.  They showcase everyday heroes triumphing over adversity.  They raise awareness about issues or topics that impact us.  They help us to strengthen our intuition to have the confidence to choose what is right for us individually and they provide structures for us to take inspired action toward creating the world we want to live in to.

Here is a summary of the topics, questions and issues that will be addressed in the film projects you will be a part of creating and sharing to create real social change:

(Working Title) You CAN Have It! – In this documentary film, we will take a look at how so many of us feel hopeless when it comes to our health. Whether it is failing to get the results after drastic measures like gastric bypass surgery, feeling like you have no self control when it comes to food, feeling like you just don’t have time to be healthy or being suckered by clever marketing into believing that you are eating healthy, there are times when it feels like their is no way that optimum health is possible.  It is only for those lucky few that were born with “skinny genes”.  The film will address some important questions about how someone gets to this point in their life, what options are really available, and what will be the difference.  You will hear real people’s stories as they explore ways to take back their life and finally enjoy the activities that they used to dream of.  Experts will raise our awareness and bust some of the popular myths out there while sharing options for implementing a healthy lifestyle that creates a lasting impact on you, your family and our society as a whole.


(Working Title) A New Start – In this documentary film, we take a look at starting over after hitting rock bottom.  Is life over after making a mistake? How does one rebuild their lives after prison or drug addiction?  What support structure is available? Here one woman’s story of how she rebuilt her life and is now contributing to society in a big way.


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