Living Powerfully provides various resources that we have found valuable on the journey of life and we want to share them to help you create the life of your dreams.

Do you need more energy and vitality? Are you ready to take the single biggest step to have better health Today?Drink Pretty Water offers you a water device that can take your life to the next level simply by changing the water you drink. We are 70% water and the quality and quantity of the water plays a large part into our effectiveness. Improve your health and increase your performance.Find out more… 

Do you want to make a difference for the environment, but just don’t know how? FireFly LED Lighting can show you how to save 93% off of your electric bill and dramatically increase the longevity of your bulbs. This not only reduces your electric consumption and need for more power plants, but also decreases the amount of waste and resources for production. This is one easy step to making a major impact in the environment.

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Are you fulfilled? Do you know your life’s purpose? Pursuing your dreams that are in alignment with your life’s purpose is very fulfilling. Many people are resigned that they can achieve more in life, much less live the life of their dreams. At Dream University, Marcia Wieder inspires you to tap into your inner desires to unleash your passion and zest for life. She will help you to uncover your true purpose and take action on your dreams.

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