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In her extraordinary award-winning film, In Her Shoes, Brandy Amstel demonstrated the power of filmmaking to spark a movement to help homeless women get back on their feet contributing to their families and communities. NOW, she is offering the opportunity for you to qualify to be featured in her next film, Living Powerfully – Vital, Vibrant & Alive (working title), for 2014.

Share your wisdom, expertise and brilliance along with other amazing experts and thought leaders in this transformational documentary film. It’s a wonderful way to promote yourself and your business, inspire others to live powerfully in their lives and leave a legacy for generations to come. We are limited to 30 speakers, so join now! The journey of our last film project, In Her Shoes, was transforming and screened around the world!

Testimonials from people part of the In Her Shoes film project:

“I think the film is amazing and I think Brandy is a wonderful filmmaker.  I really applaud her for making films that make a difference.” –Carla McDonald

“Brandy’s authenticity, passion and unique talent help people to awaken and strengthen their inner guidance to make a difference for themselves, their environment, and the world.” – Marcia Wieder, CEO & Founder, Dream University


 About Living Powerfully, Vital, Vibrant & Alive(working title) :

This full-length documentary helps people looking to be the best human being they can be take their life to the next level, living powerfully in all areas of life. This film will spark a global movement of visionaries changing the world by first transforming their own lives, then their communities and ultimately impacting the world. 

The film covers 4 main areas of life including:  

  • Spiritual/Mental Health – restoring your mind and spirit, connecting with source and tapping into your gifts and skills. 
  • Well-being/Physical Health – nourishing and healing your body through awareness of Air, Water, Food, Body, and Environment. 
  • Love/Relationships – empowering your lifestyle with Self, Others and the World. 
  • Wealth/Contribution – aligning your work, passion and gifts to make a difference in the world. 


This film demystifies what is required to live a fulfilling, rewarding life that leaves a legacy for generations to come. Not someday, but NOW. 


Some Words from Brandy Amstel:

I have a vision for a world, our world in which we see ourselves as part of a global neighborhood with our fellow human beings. It is my desire for each person to find their own personal truth and together, we will use our truths to make this world better in our lifetime. We can do this through trusting ourselves and our intuitive power within us. My vision for a new world is one where people are awakened, transformed, and empowered to create a life that allows them to fulfill their purpose and dreams.  I have a vision of a world where we love and respect ourselves and one another, a world where we take care of our planet and all the creatures that live here with us. 

Film is one of the most powerful tools for raising awareness about an issue, topic or cause. As a filmmaker, I have demonstrated this multiple times with my award-winning films and am clear about the steps it takes to raise awareness at a global level, as well as foster leadership and create conversations for change.  With this project, my intention is to take it to the next level sparking a global movement that creates a shift for our planet. Interviewing 20-30 experts to share their personal truths on the topic of Living Powerfully in all areas of life. 

We are interviewing experts now.  If you know someone that has a potential to be a good fit for the project, please contact me directly.

Vital, Vibrant & Alive with Brandy Amstel Large

The Living Powerfully Movement:

Imagine being part of movement that created a shift in humanity, that touched the the lives of thousands and made a huge contribution on the planet. Imagine being part of a movement that helps people to fulfill their purpose in life, dreams, and desires. Envision being responsible for having created a new world where we love and respect ourselves and one another, where we take care of our planet and all of the creatures that live here with us.  This is the movement we are sparking with our film, Vital, Vibrant & Alive.

Living Powerfully: Vital, Vibrant & Alive (working title)

Vital, Vibrant and Alive the movie with Brandy Amstel

  • A full-length documentary, very much like In Her Shoes ,(Click link to see trailer) featuring 20-30 experts from around the world.
  • Each interview in the final film will have a name/title card.
  • The DVD will include extras with a short bio/interview and links to each expert. 
  • There will be a world premiere with opportunity to be part of the Q&A.
Timeline Projection: (Subject to change)
  • 1st Crowdfunding Phase – March 2014
  • Pre-Production/Funding Phase – April/May 2014
  • Production Phase – June 2014
  • Post Production – July-September 2014
  • Movie Tour – 2015


  • We will follow channels to get the attention of the film to all television/radio media. For example: GMA, Today Show, CBS morning, OWN network, The View, etc.
  • We will submit the film to festivals around the world. 
  • With 30 experts in different parts of the world, we will create a web of PR for the film.  This will require participation from experts and the Living Powerfully team.
  • BLOG about each one of the experts featured in the film.
  • Promote film through all marketing channels throughout the year e.g. online store, preferred offers section of the website, BLOG, Facebook fan page, Twitter.
  • Our goal is to launch this film in 2015 at the World Premiere in Austin, and continue to promote it at premieres around the world.



We suggest that to help cover all or some of your sponsorship in this project, enroll a business, several businesses or person to sponsor your investment in the film. In return, we will feature each business or person with logo on our Sponsorship page of Living Powerfully.


The offer:

  • Fate favors the BOLD!  Each expert that commits to being in the film before May 1, 2014 will invest $1800 (payment options available, see below). On May 1, 2014 the investment is $3,600.
  • You will receive 20 DVD’s and will be able to purchase more DVD’s at a discounted price.
  • DVD Back covers of Living Powerfully – Vital, Vibrant & Alive (working title), will be up for auction.
  • Upon your commitment to participate in this film, we respectfully request the following: Acceptable forms of payment are business or personal check, or click here to pay by credit card.
  • We will write up an agreement with a release for you to sign and return to us. Agreement includes outline of 7 announcements to be sent out to your database promoting the project over the next year or so. (announcing Funding campaign, prior to interview, after interview, announcing additional fundraising campaign, announcing film premiere, announcing DVD pre-sales, announcing link for streaming.)
  • Cost of interview session is included in the price. Interviews will be held in Austin, Texas. 
  • Upon commitment this investment is non-refundable. (We have devised several paths for funding the film: Crowd-funding campaign for 3 phases – production/post-production/distribution-tour, Corporate Sponsorship, Private Investors, Deferred Payments and In/Kind Contributions.  Although we anticipate acquiring the funds necessary for completing the film, if for some reason the funding does not come together, you will receive a refund.) 


We Have Two Different Payment Options:

blue orb count me inText for Button




1) Pay in full: $3,600 1800 (if you sign up before May 1,2014)

A one-time payment will be paid.


2) Three pay plan: $2,010 (if you sign up before May 1, 2014)

  • Payment one: $670  (at time of commitment)
  • Payment two: $670   (the following month)
  • Payment three: $670 (the following month)

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This is a project filled with heart, inspiration and contribution.

I know you will be very proud to be a part of this.

Join the Living Powerfully Movement!

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