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Have you ever given yourself special permissions for a vacation or the holidays and then found yourself completely off track weeks later?  (Scroll down to middle to see the video.)

On today’s video blog I share with you my observation about my journey of Living Powerfully and my health.

I went on vacation and gave myself permission to indulge in a few things that were definitely not part of my norm. After all its vacation and I told myself it’s only this month, I justified it with saying to myself, it’s alright, you are so good most of the time. Live alittle.  And trust me I did.  I had pastas, breads, desserts, beer and all sorts of decadent things.


Now here I am a couple months later not feeling so skippy.  I’m not beating myself up about it, more like consciously observing the gap.


I made a contract with myself a few years back to take steps to be the best version of myself that included eating a super clean and healthy diet. I wasn’t sick or didn’t even feel like I needed to make changes, it was more like I wanted to check it out and see what would happen.  It was pretty extraordinary.  I didn’t even realize that there was another level of health available, and there totally was.


I’m actually grateful to be where I’m at today as it gives me a chance to experience just really how far I’ve come over the years. I get to be present to why I made the contract.  It’s because I feel better with more energy. I’m more effective, I’m clearer headed and have more mental clarity. I get to bring more of me to the things that matter the most to me in the world.


Now it is time to continue on the journey and change the course a little. I’m up to big things as most of us are, we all want to live life to the fullest whether that is running a multi-million dollar company or spending time with friends and family.   Are you wanting to change the course a little?


Power Up! for the Day:
Be Conscious, Compassionate and Committed to Yourself to experience more in your well-being & physical health.


The impact of this way of being: to you, to others and to the world


This way of being impacts you directly with feelings of worthiness and aliveness.Being worthy and feeling alive impacts others in your life giving them feelings of inspiration and hope.As others in the world witness this way of being they see the possibility for vitality and fulfillment in their own lives.

You can make a difference in the World TODAY by shifting your capacity to serve at the next level!


The one thing that I know about course correction is that it takes putting a structure in place.  What has helped me the most through the years has been doing the journey with others and being held accountable. I recently just discovered Periscope, which is an app that allows you to live stream video and interact with others in real time. All you need is a smart phone, a twitter account and to download the free Periscope App.  I invite you to join me on the journey, each day Monday thru Friday at 10:30am Central time join me on Periscope.  I’ll share with you things that I’m working on and right now that is about taking my health to the next level.  I’ll share with you information that I learn, I’ll share with you the struggles and the solutions that I find along the way. You can share your thoughts and experiences. We can support one another.


I know that time slot may not work for everyone and I get it, luckily Periscope saves the content for 24 hours for playback before poof its gone. So go ahead and get ready for tomorrow.  Use your smart phone to set up your free twitter and periscope accounts. Follow me @BrandyAmstel on Twitter, then tune in tomorrow at 10:30am Central.


The more time you take to become the best version of yourself, the more you will have of you to offer those around you in your family, your business, your community and ultimately the world.


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Look forward to seeing you next time.

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