How To Overcome Making Things Harder Than They Need To Be

Do you ever find yourself making things way harder than they need to be because you’re trying to get it perfect…You put so much pressure on yourself to get it right? (Scroll down to middle to see the video)
I know I do….

Recently as I was preparing my message to deliver to you I noticed myself being so significant about it. I was all up in my head trying to get it just perfect so that it would be inspirational and make a difference. What I realized was that I was spending so much energy MAKING it happen, instead of allowing it to happen. there is a big difference.
So much of my life I’ve spent using that masculine energy. I’m a go-getter and I can make it happen. Sometimes it is so exhausting and super frustrating when I don’t get the result I was expecting from such effort. Can you relate to this?
A few years ago I went on a vision quest seeking answers to what was next for me to fulfill my purpose in life, and the message that I got was to come from the heart more and less from the head, to utilize both the feminine and masculine energies and this would allow me to achieve the next level of success.
Shortly thereafter I experienced a very traumatic experience in the infamous Sedona Sweatlodge, where 3 of my friends died and 20 of us were sent to the hospital with issues including brain, liver, and kidney damage, as well as severe burns.  I immediately went to what I knew and used my head to figure this out. to overcome the trauma and deal with the drama.
Now that time has passed, the universe has gently been presenting me with opportunities to take a look at where dropping into the heart and the feminine energy will create more flow, ease and abundance, allowing me to take my life to the next level.
Everyone can benefit from this conversation. This isn’t about gender. This is about energy.
It takes a combination of the Divine energies. The Divine Feminine is what allows us to receive and to let it flow, but that won’t happen without some actual Doing of the Divine Masculine.
So what does it mean to embrace the Divine Feminine energy? To me, it means to be present, and check in with my intuition, It means listening to my heart and honoring the feelings that are present. It means coming from a place of compassion, understanding, less judgement, sharing, caring, nurturing and guided by intuition.
When I notice myself, struggling, frustrated, too wrapped up in things having to be perfect, I can choose to stop, notice the feelings that are surrounding the situation and inquire what’s really going on. Is there an inner fear that has been covered up? I can take time to bust out a journal and really explore what’s at the root of it all. This requires me to be present, more conscious and aware in my life.
Within the awareness there is so much freedom. I can powerfully choose what I’m committed to based on who I hold myself to be now, not based on something from the past, most likely created by a younger, less wise version of myself.
Power Up! for the Day:
Be present! Generate and come from the heart and then execute using your knowledge, drive and determination.
The impact of this way of being: to you, to others and to the world
This impacts you directly getting you into flow, ease and abundance.
The people in your life will be joyful, inspired and hopeful for what they can achieve in their own lives.
Making the world a healthier, happier place for us all.
You make a difference in the world TODAY by being present to the Divine Energy, both the Feminine and the Masculine.
 Now I would love to hear from you, what are some of the triggers that you have for noticing when your energies are disproportionate? Leave a comment below the video.
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So go out there, Be bold, Be courageous And Stand for what you believe in.  We all have the power to make a difference TODAY.
Thank you so much for watching and I will catch you next time on Living Powerfully with Brandy Amstel.

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